Clothing Season Schedule

January - accepting winter clothing & ski wear

February 20th - deadline for winter clothing and ski wear

March 1st - accepting spring clothing

May 10th - accepting summer clothing

July 13th - accepting fall clothing

July 31st - deadline for summer clothing

October 3rd - accepting winter clothing and ski wear

November 8th - accepting holiday clothing

Need More Money?

Heres How …

Select your in season clothes.

Make sure everything is freshly cleaned and pressed.

The better it looks the more money you will make.

Only ‘in style’ clothes please.

If you bought it within the last couple years, it’s probably fine.

Need more space?

Pick up a green Heirlooms bag when you open your account. Leave it on the floor of your closet, open and ready to receive.

Need more help deciding? Flip all your hangers so that you can easily see which pieces you are ignoring in your closet. After 2 months, if you still have hangers facing the wrong way - you never wear that item, and maybe you should recycle it.